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Unyime Oguta

Hey Friend. I'm Unyime.

It’s really easy to get caught up in the typical motherhood and diet culture narratives that tell you what you should do to finally be the perfect mom that you desire. But motherhood is so much more than chasing a life that leaves you feeling unfulfilled, tired, overwhelmed, and stressed out. The solution is not found in diets and restrictions. And you certainly don’t need control and willpower to live a healthy life.

My coaching work was born out of my own experience as a Type-A overachiever who had checked all of the life boxes, all the while wondering why I still didn’t feel fulfilled. I found myself misdiagnosed with IBS and the fear of a colonoscopy set me on the path to redefining health for myself.


I didn’t realize how much I didn’t trust and honor my body. As a busy, working mom, my beliefs about food and my body were highly influenced by diet culture. I never made time to take care of my needs and felt disappointed when I didn’t have the energy to sustain my busy life. My desire to lose weight kept me spending a lot of time and energy thinking about food and my body. This also made me anxious about feeding my family. Working with Unyime has helped me learn to be mindful of my body’s needs. I now eat foods that I love and enjoy. I’m no longer preoccupied with thoughts about food and my body, and best of all, I trust that my son is able to grow into a healthy, confident eater.” – Ingrid A.

“Thank you for providing the tools and support I needed to help me trust my body, honor my needs, and exercise without the pressure of weight loss. I’m much more at peace with my body!”Precious A.

Life as a mom can feel overwhelming.
You don't have to live that way.

Imagine the life you could create if you were truly THRIVING.

Thriving means you:

Think highly of yourself – full of trust, love, and respect.

No longer see yourself as defined by your post-baby body.

Are free of the battle with food and your body.

Manage stress like a boss because you have energy to show up and live a full life.

Feel empowered and confident in raising a child who has a healthy relationship with food.

Imagine the life you would create with the freedom you’d have if you embraced a thriving life.

It’s time to start thriving in the beautiful chaos that is motherhood.

Every week, I inspire mums with the tools and strategies for becoming the thriving mums they were created to be. No more shame, overwhelm, or food and body obsession.

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