Online Nutrition Coaching for Busy Mums


Unyime Oguta

Hey Friend. I'm Unyime.

I help busy mums transform their relationship with food so that they can gain food freedom, thrive, and feel empowered to raise kids that feel good about their bodies and have a healthy relationship with food. 

Listen, mama. Your health doesn’t have to take a back seat because life is busy. Stop masking the fear, guilt and shame you feel about food and your body by taking care of everything and everyone but yourself. Your child deserves a happy, healthy life. It starts with you. 

You were created to thrive. And I’m here to help you see the world of possibilities waiting for you! Learn more about me and why you matter to me. 

Let's face it.
Life as a mum can feel overwhelming.
You don't have to live that way.

You can:

Eat the foods you love without fear, guilt or shame.

Feel less overwhelmed and exhausted from trying to follow restrictive diets and food rules.

Live a life that’s healthy and nourished with bucket loads of grace, joy and laughter – because you’re a great mum!

Raise children who are confident and competent when it comes to eating, because they learned from their hero.

End the cycle of dieting and poor body image, and set your children up for a happy, healthy future.