Does your style align with how you want to feel and show up in your world?

Your style impacts your mood, how you show up and how other people treat you. That’s why this week’s episode teaches you a simple way to redefine your style to align with who you want to be as a mom. You’ll learn a step-by-step process, with journal prompts to help you declutter and redefine your style in motherhood.

Declutter and Redefine your style in motherhood

How to Redefine Your Style in Motherhood

Redefining your style begins with awareness, setting the intention for how you want to feel in your clothes, then asking yourself 3 essential questions.

  1. Does wearing this outfit produce my desired feeling?
  2. Does this item fit my now body?
  3. If I had to do it again, would I buy this item?

Questions to ask when editing outfits

You’re not just a mom. You’re a leader, negotiator, and VIP raising future important people. You are the CEO of your life and your style absolutely matters. Drop the rules and show up in a way that matches how you want to feel every day.

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