Making Peace with Food is Important. Here’s Why:

It’s simple – making peace with food allows you to have a truly satisfying experience with food. You eat without judgement and you don’t tie your worth to how and what you eat. Making peace with food gives you peace of mind! Imagine what life would be like if you no longer experience fear, stress, and overwhelm around eating? Think about all the things you could do when you’r eno longer pre-occupied with thoughts about what, why, when and how much to eat. That life is possible and I want that for you!

How to Start Making Peace with Food

Making peace with food starts with building self-trust and becoming attuned to your bodily cues for hunger, fullness and satisfaction. You’ll also need to explore whether you’re coming from a place of love or as an act of rebellion. Both are not the same. A place of self-love is about care, love, abundance, and what honors you. The other is to push back at what has held you back over the years – diets, life experiences, and may be an act of rebellion.

That’s why in this episode, I’ll be sharing the importance of self-trust, and simple steps for making peace with food. You’ll also have simple steps to help you get started so that you can transform your relationship with food and your body – no will power required.

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