Apologizing for Your Child’s Food Behaviour is Not a Coincidence

It is by design. If you feel inadequate and struggle with raising a healthy, confident eater; and conversations with your mom and best friend include apologizing for your child’s picky eating, it is not your fault. This is your permission to stop apologizing for your child’s food behavior. If your idea of a healthy, confident eater is one that includes a child who eats their veggies, never fusses about meals, and is a certain size, then you’re one of the millions of moms around the world who feel this way. Moms have been socialized to believe that they’re responsible for getting their children to eat. That narrative ends here. We’re redefining healthy eating as it relates to children, and giving you 5 practical steps you can take to simplify mealtimes, stop apologizing for your child’s behavior, and feel confident raising healthy, confident eaters.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Episode to Help You Simplify Mealtimes:

  • Who a healthy, confident eater is.
  • Why the pressure to conform to diet culture’s definition of a healthy child is not helpful.
  • What happens when you’re struggling with guilt and shame when it comes to feeding your child.
  • 5 steps you can take to simplify mealtimes and feel confident about feeding your child.

Remember, mama….

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