Wouldn’t it be cool if you could understand your hormones?

Dream with me for a moment and imagine a world where women stop feeling guilty and ashamed because of their periods, cravings, and hormones. Wouldn’t that be great? In today’s episode, we get a sneak peek into how you can work toward understanding your hormones, so that you can become empowered to care for yourself with intention.

Why Undertsanding Your Hormones Matters

Our guest, Isabel is talking all about how you can cultivate a deep understanding of your body through body literacy. Understanding how your hormones and how your body changes over a month will help you to care for and nurture yourself from a place of empowerment and intention. Here’s a sneak peek at what we discussed:

  • Body Literacy and how it can help you nourish and support your body from a place of empowerment and intention
  • Why we should be paying more attention to our period, cravings and hormones
  • Why food restriction and hormonal pills are not sustainable solutions for addressing period problems
  • How women who experience period problems can support themselves without restrictive diets and plans
  • How mothers can support their daughters when it comes to taking care of their bodies

About our guest:
Isabel is a Registered Dietitian and owner of Woman Wise Nutrition. She specializes in the intersection of Women’s Health and Disordered Eating. She helps women who struggle with hormone dysfunctions like PCOS and Amenorrhea to learn how to stop fighting food and their bodies, and start tuning in to nourish their body from a place of empowerment and intention. Isabel strives to empower women with a deeper understanding of their health so that they can ultimately live their life of purpose.

Connect with Isabel:

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