Can I eat intuitively even though I have a health condition? Well, you’re in luck because our guest today explores owning your health condition and eating intuitively. She’s a great example of how you can eat intuitively even though you have a health condition. Lindsay Sarson is a registered holistic nutritionist, Intuitive Eating coach, host of the Intuitive Diabetic Podcast, and type 1 diabetic. She’s passionate about changing the landscape of dieting and diabetes because of her personal struggles with food and her body while living with type 1 diabetes over the past 31 years. Lindsay is also a mum of two beautiful girls, and we chat about how she has been able to practice Intuitive Eating, work through her body image issues and impact her children in the process. I’m inspired by Lindsay’s story and I hope you’ll feel the same too.

The key takeaways from this episode:

  • Owning your health condition allows you to want to take care of yourself. Intuitive eating gives you the tools to do so.
  • Your children are taking in the messages you send about yourself, eating, and your body.
  • Having a health condition can be challenging especially when you have to watch what you eat. Intuitive Eating gives you the tools to listen to and respond to your body’s needs so that you can enjoy the foods you love and live without food fears.
  • The more comfortable we get in something that we’re dealing with, whether it be diabetes or lactose intolerance, the easier it is to continue to honor ourselves, and express ourselves, and have that same expectation of those that are important to us in our lives



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