Welcome to 2021! Start off the new year with the tools to help you achieve your health goals. This week, I’m addressing how your thinking keeps you stuck in a rut when it comes to achieving your goals. I share 3 common ways women get stuck and give up on health goals – why we act that way and what happens when we feel stuck.

If you’ve struggled with achieving your health goals in the past, I can guarantee that you will relate to one if not all of the reasons.

It all starts with your mindset, so as you listen to this episode I want you to be open to the possibility of changing your health goals or how you plan to achieve them.


  • The 3 thought patterns that are keeping you stuck when it comes to your health goals.
  • What black-and-white, martyr, and perfectionist thinking all have in common.
  • 3 shifts you need to make to break out of the cycle of being stuck.


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