Freedom from food fear, guilt and shame is possible.

Food freedom

Thrive: The Food Freedom Program

A 12-week nutrition education and coaching program to help you go from an overwhelmed to a transformed relationship with food and your body. 

By the end of the program, you’ll:

  • Reclaim your Nutrition by taking a proactive, rather than reactive approach to eating, and heal from a hectic and overwhelming relationship with food and your body using a trust-based model of eating…intuitive eating anyone?
  • Own your Mind by clearing the mindset clutter from diet culture and learn how to manage the chaos of eating and motherhood with actionable coping skills.
  • Support your child by trusting your ability to feed them responsibly.

Thrive: Food Freedom Program was created for just for you because I know...


  • You’re tired of dieting but not sure what to do next
  • You want to manage stress and have more energy to be able to do what you love;
  • You want to stop food cravings and restrictive eating behaviours;
  • You want a healthy body that feels good to you;
  • You want to stop worrying about food so that you can focus on passion and other areas of you life;
  • You want to end meal time battles with your kids;
  • you want to raise children who are healthy, competent eaters
African American Mum and daughter hugging each other

Thrive: The Food Freedom Program will help you:

  • eat the foods you love without guilt, fear or shame
  • get to the root of why you turn to food when you’re not hungry
  • honor your here and now body
  • move from overwhelmed to empowered and confident in how you support your child to develop their relationship with food
  • be empowered and confident in how you feed yourself and your family so that you can enjoy more meals as a family
  • prioritize self-care and set a good example for your kids

Please note: My services are not appropriate for people struggling with active eating disorders (i.e. engaging in behaviors like purging, or engaging in food restriction or bingeing once a week or more). If you have an eating disorder, please contact the eating disorder association in your area or ask your healthcare provider for a referral.