How You Can Simplify Eating

For a long time, I struggled with finding a good balance between eating foods that I believed I should eat and foods I really wanted to eat. Do you struggle with this too? As much as I love eating my green leafy vegetables, I also love a decadent slice of fudgey, chocolate cake topped with ice cream, fudge, caramel, and nuts. Even writing this makes my mouth water! What can I say? I love food. Even though I tried to eat all my foods, I still found myself feeling guilty and stressed out because I didn’t know that satisfaction and pleasure were all part of eating experience. 

I was wrong. Allowing yourself to have pleasurable experiences with food is part of your health and eating journey. It is normal. If you struggle with enjoying your foods (or allowing yourself to dare), I want you simplify eating with intutive eating.

We’re all born intuitive eaters. From birth, we cry when hungry, then they turn away, spit out food or shut our mouths tightly to show that we’ve had enough food. Children balance their food intake by eating more food than they usually do some days, and barely eating on other days. Unfortunately, as we grow older, people start setting rules and restrictions around what and how much we can and can’t eat. Overtime, we lose that innate ability to know what our bodies need and rely on portion sizes and the clock to guide our eating.

Some of us also learn to reward ourselves with food or punish ourselves by restricting foods. These rules and assumptions lead many women to a life of guilt, shame, and deprivation, which is the opposite of what our bodies want. So, what do you do? You challenge those assumptions and beliefs, then become compassionate and kind to your body. Simplify your eating by embracing intuitive eating.

What is Intuitive Eating?

Intuitive eating is an evidence-based approach to eating that helps you tune into your body’s messages so that you can respond accordingly. It teaches you to trust that you can meet your physical and emotional needs, and that your body knows what to do with foods.

Intuitive eating is not a diet or food plan. It’s also not an all-you-can-eat lifestyle, where you eat whatever you want, whenever you want without thinking about what your body needs. Rather, it’s a journey of self-discovery that leads you to connect to your body’s needs. There’s no counting, measuring, weighing, only listening, and learning because you’re the expert of your body. Intuitive eating helps you heal your relationship to food by reviving that innate wisdom you were born with. It makes eating simple!

Intuitive eaters give themselves unconditional permission to eat by relying on internal hunger and fullness signals. They trust their bodies to tell them when, what and how much to eat, and best of all, they often eat without guilt or shame about their eating choices.

Benefits of Intuitive Eating

There are over a hundred research studies showing the benefits of intuitive eating. Here are my top ten favourite benefits of intuitive eating.

  1. Decreased cholesterol levels
  2. Decreased blood pressure
  3. Lower rates of emotional eating
  4. Lower rates of disordered eating
  5. Increased self-esteem and body image
  6. Better proactive coping skills
  7. Decreased body dissatisfaction
  8. Decreased depression and anxiety
  9. More satisfaction with life
  10. Healthier relationship with food

Did you get the last one? A healthier relationship with food. You finally get to eat – no shame, guilt, or fear. That’s freedom! That’s how you simplify eating.

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