Did you know that women are more likely than men to report having a great deal of stress?  The  American Psychological Association found that women’s stress levels are increasing, and more women have headaches, digestive issues and feeling like they could cry – all symptoms of stress! Can you relate?

Women are natural-born givers. Most of us were raised to believe that we HAVE to be and do all for everyone, but ourselves. The truth is, you don’t have to. You can take care of yourself first by managing your stress. Once, that’s taken care of, it’ll be easier to gain the clarity and strength you need to show up and do you. 


Here are 3 quick tips to help you manage your stress today:

1. Identify Your Stressors

By identifying your stressors, you become aware of situations or people that don’t align with your values or goal at a given time. Managing your stress may mean saying no or not yet to some people and opportunities for the sake of your health. The relationships and opportunities can be revisited at a more convenient time.


2. Recognize That Everything Cannot be a Priority

I love this quote by Garr Reynolds “If everything is important, then nothing is important. If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority”. Prioritize by naming what is important to you in your current season. 

The things contributing to your stress may be good things. They can’t ALL be  priority at the same time. Focus on one thing first. Then add one or two more if, and when you find that you can handle them. 


3. Ask for Help.

You can delegate, outsource, or learn a new way to manage things. This was where I struggle sometimes because I hate bothering people and have a preferred way of doing things. I’ve learned to surrender my need for doing it my way, and it has certainly paid off. The floor won’t be as clean as you expect, but they’ll be swept. The dishes may not be organized perfectly, but at least, they’ll be put away. Done is better than perfect!

Remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It is smart and frees you up to focus on taking care of yourself.



Managing your stress by taking care of your needs is one of the most loving gifts to yourself and the world.


Tell me in the comments what your biggest takeaway from this post is. Then share this post with other women who need to hear this. We all need this.


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