Food Freedom is Not Found Through Dieting

Many mums experience guilt and shame around food. Sometimes we don’t even realize by how much because it seems to be the norm. We’re led to believe that our bodies are not enough, so we pursue the “perfect way” of eating – dieting to help us find the solution. 

I struggled a lot when I tried to lose my post-pregnancy weight using a 21-day weight loss plan. I wondered how women do it every day. Restrict foods. Eat at certain times ONLY. Limit pleasurable foods and still look happy. I WAS MISERABLE.

As someone who enjoys eating, I couldn’t imagine living the rest of my life feeling like there’s something wrong with my body. I also became aware of the subtle ways diet culture gets us to mess with our bodies. My clients and many mums like me are easily enticed because we believe that if we could just get rid of the weight, then we’ll feel better, healthier, happier, more attractive. The truth is, we can lose weight and not feel any different because the weight was never the problem. All those feelings have nothing to do with your body. The best way to gain food freedom is to go back to what you were born doing – eating intuitively.

Gain Food Freedom Through Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating is a non-diet approach to health and wellness that helps you tune into your body’s signals, break the cycle of chronic dieting, and heal your relationship with food. Get this – we’re all born intuitive eaters!

You were an intuitive eater before:

  • someone forced you to finish the food on your plate.
  • someone said you were not the right size for your age.
  • the world told you to lose the last 10 pounds to feel beautiful.
  • you started exercising to pay for those extra calories from food.
  • food and your body became things you needed to control.

Food Freedom is Possible for All Mums

If you’ve ever tried to control your body by controlling what, when and how you eat, that’s not food freedom. While dieting promises instant results and a sense of security, it takes away your ability to trust your God-given senses and makes you depend on external cues to decide how you treat your body. 

You weren’t meant to live that way. You were made to have unconditional permission to eat foods you enjoy without feeling guilty, to rely on your internal hunger and fullness signals, and trust your body to tell you when, what, and how much to eat. Just like you trust your body when you need to do a #1 or #2, you were made to eat intuitively.

The craziest thing I find is that once you embark on the journey to becoming an intuitive eater, you start to gain food freedom. You start noticing things you’d never noticed before. For example, suddenly, the chocolate bar you used to exercise so hard to earn the calories from tastes like plastic eek! You start to crave variety in your meals and aim to have pleasurable and satisfying eating experiences. You look forward to eating without fear, guilt, or shame. You get to turn down a bag of chips or bowl of ice cream, not because your diet doesn’t allow it but because you’re just not feeling it in the moment.

And that, my friend, is freedom.

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