Frequently Asked Questions

First, schedule your FREE call. I will contact you through the information you provide at the time of your appointment.

If we’re a good fit, an appointment will be scheduled for your initial assessment. During the appointment, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current nutrition status, your challenges, and your personal health values. You will get a recap of the session including a personalized plan for meeting your goals, which serves as the basic structure of our work together, and any applicable resources.

Sessions occur on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on the level of support that is needed.

Sessions are virtual through a secure portal. In-person services are available to Yellowknife residents only.

Coaching packages range from one to twelve months depending on your needs and goals. Please schedule a call today to find out what will best meet your needs.

Intuitive eating is a weight-neutral, non-diet approach to health and well being. That means we take the focus off your weight and help you focus on nutrition and lifestyle behaviors that will support your health goals. That approach has proven to be the most effective and sustainable approach for lasting results.

I do not provide ready-meal plans because all bodies need different things. Instead, meal planning support is included in all packages to help my clients find solutions that work their needs. Creating a plan together is the best way to see lasting results that make a BIG impact on your health, wellness and happiness.