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Maybe your story sounds a lot like mine. Years ago, I hid behind all my accomplishments.

I grew up thinking that getting good grades, working hard, being good at what you were expected to do, and being a good mum and wife would make me feel fulfilled. Yet, I spent most of my early years in marriage and parenting living in insecurity, worry, and not feeling good enough. I looked to other people’s messages to find clues about who I was supposed to be. I said yes to everything.

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Maybe your story sounds a lot like mine...

My health and self-care was ALWAYS taking the back seat while I was busy building a career and taking care of everyone else. 

I couldn’t help feeling empty and unfulfilled – like something was missing.  

All that changed when I was diagnosed with IBS and needed a colonoscopy to confirm it. I asked for a week to think about it and never went back. I was afraid.

The fear of getting a colonoscopy forced me to slow down. I started tuning in to my body’s internal wisdom to guide my eating, reintroduced the foods I considered off-limits, and focused on getting better. The little changes made a big difference in how I felt. Soon enough, all my symptoms went away. It turns out I didn’t have IBS. My body wanted me to LISTEN all along!

Through that experience, I realized how much I had been living my life by “shoulds” and “have tos” – my relationship with food and my body, my parenting, my relationships, my entire life. I started to imagine what life would look like if I focused on what mattered to me.

I learned that true health comes from nurturing behaviors that enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

That was the beginning of creating the motherhood that I wanted – one where I was thriving and empowered – motherhood by design. My new mindset led me to focus on what matters, which translated to prioritizing self-care, saying goodbye to perfectionism and people-pleasing, and finally finding the tools that have helped me be the woman that I dreamed of becoming.

I got the support and tools I needed to help me manage my mind, take empowered action, and thrive in the beautiful chaos that is motherhood. And today, I can honestly say, “I’m thriving.”

Helping mothers find freedom from food and body image fears is my mission. Our work together often starts with food and body, but goes so much deeper than that.

Nothing delights me more than seeing a mum thrive and feel empowered because I know that she’s transforming life for herself and generations of women after her. 

Which is why I'm glad you're here.

If you want to navigate food and body freedom with peace, elevate your life, and thrive confidently in motherhood then join me in Thrive.

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